City of Demons

City of Demons is a young adult fantasy novel.  It takes place in a world where demons, creatures of varying size and shape but possessing the same cruel nature, haunt the cities of the South.  Even the smallest demon can capture its prey by paralyzing it with an overwhelming sense of fear.  Once frozen, even a soldier, even a hero is helpless before the claws and teeth of the beast.

There is hope.  The demons are hunted in turn by the Demonbanes of the Five Cities. Composed of men and women who have had to face their own fears and conquer them, the Banehalls are the only protection for the citizens of cities like Shirath, a walled metropolis filled with opportunity, danger, and conspiracies that straddles the river Ar.

It is to this city that Garet, a young man from the Midlands, must go, after encountering a demon where it had no right to be.  But this change is just one of many affecting his world, and Garet must show a courage even beyond the ability to hunt demons if he is to survive.

City of Demons will be available in July of 2012 from Tyche Books and other venues.

Cover art preview by Malcolm McClinton

3 Responses to City of Demons

  1. alissa says:

    I just finished City of Demons. I thought the characters were well developed and the storyline was very enjoyable. I hope you can come up with another adventure for Garet and Salick and their close friends! Thanks for the great read!

  2. Plomas says:

    I have really enjoyed this book. Wonderful now going to track down his other titles.

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