The VCon Experience

I just finished VCon (Vancouver’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention) today, and it was an amazing experience.  I was lucky enough to be on panels with three of the guests of honour: Mur Lafferty, John Kovalic, and Dan Wells.  They all had intelligent things to say on fan entitlement and the future of writing and publishing.  I also met Brian Hades of Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing.  If you want to learn about publishing spec fic in Canada, he’s the person to talk to.

It was time well spent, though a bit nerve-wracking when I did my two readings.  The oddest thing to happen was when a pet mouse crawled out of the dress of someone sitting next to me.  I’m not sure if that was part of her costume, but it certainly got my attention.

Oh, and there was an art auction, and this little robot was too cute to leave on the shelf.

VCon Robot


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