Gods and Dragons Update and VCon Approaches!

The Gods and Dragons collection, which contains my novel as well many others, all of them good reads, is still charging forth.  Over 20,000 copies sold!  This means a lot of new readers for City of Demons, and I hope they are all happy with the experience.  I’m still on Amazon.com’s list of 100 top fantasy authors, which continues to be funny and terrifying.

VCon, The Vancouver Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Convention is set for October 3rd to 5th.  I’m pleased with the panels I’m on, since each topic could start a really vicious argument.  If you attend, please drop by and dispute:

Friday, 3pm: Are Fantasy and Science Fiction Inherently Violent Genres?

Saturday, 6pm: The Role of Religion and Atheism in Speculative Fiction.

Sunday, 4pm: Is There Enough Kid in Kidlit?

I look forward to seeing other writers, artists, and fanatics there.

VCon 39, Military Might

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