City of Sand

The title of the sequel to City of Demons and City of Masks is City of Sand.  It takes place in the dry country south of the river Ar, and involves some characters from the first two books.  They are one of several groups trying to find the origin of the demons so that the threat can be ended for all time.

The problem is that Marick is part of the expedition.  Although he has certain skills (such as lying and thieving) that could come in handy, he has certain character flaws (such as lying and thieving) that might get him into serious trouble.  As I write the novel, the question seems to be: will Marick mature enough to be a help instead of a hindrance in their mission.

I’m still working on the answer to that, but, if I figure it out, the working title for the book after this is City of Shadows.  There is another project that I might finish first.  Actually, there are a lot of other projects that I have in mind.  I think they call that job security for the self-employed.

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  1. alissa says:

    any progress on book3? I have really enjoyed these characters and their adventures…..

    • admin says:

      Thank you for saying so, Alissa. I am writing many scenes for City of Sand with the hope that it will make a single book when I’m done. I’m a slow writer, but I keep plugging away, so, don’t lose hope.

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