An Un-Sale of a Short Story, etc.

I wrote a horror short story a while back called “The Talking Box,” and it has been accepted by Midnight Circus Magazine, a literary, themed quarterly.  It seem like an interesting publication, so please feel free to check it out and maybe read my very creepy story.

On other writing fronts, I have sent off Luck, my odd science fiction comedy novel, for its initial rejection by the cold, cold world.  I can hardly wait.  The sequel to City of Masks is still germinating.  I admit to having trouble finding the proper “voice” for the story.  Voice is the one thing I have to get right before I start.  If I don’t feel comfortable with how it sounds, nothing else works.  Plot, character, magic, all these things can be changed, but the voice has to be constant.

In writing adjacent news, I hope to be at VCon on October 2nd to 4th in Richmond, just south of Vancouver.  With any luck, I’ll be on some panels, or just heckling from the audience.  It’s fun.  You should go.

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