Progress on City of Sand

Blechh!!!  I’m now trying a different approach with this book, starting with more action than in my (many) previous attempts.  However, this means I need a lot of flashbacks, which are tricky to handle in terms of flow and tension.  Blech!!! X2.

The only good thing about writing so many things I will never keep for the final version is that I know the south of my imaginary land so well, I could conduct tours.  I’d have to have disclaimers though, for I’ve encountered many dangers in my own journeys.  The latest is the pitkiller, a wolf-sized insect that hides at the bottom of a sand pit and ambushes anything that falls in.  I think it is based on an antlion I saw in China many years ago.  That thing was smaller but still scary.  Well, fellow travellers, if the pitkillers don’t get you, there are still snakes, desert panthers, slavers, and more.  And don’t forget: Vinir, Dorict, and Marick really came down here to look for demons.

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