Creative Ink Report

The first three-day Creative Ink Convention is over, and it was brilliant.  I hung out with fellow Tyche writer Pat Flewwelling and met Galen Dara, the amazingly talented artist of my book covers and interior drawings.

Three panels this time around: humour, creating new worlds, and writing about the future.  I think they went well, and the audience didn’t fall asleep, which is always a bonus.  As an observer, the highlight might have been seeing a master and student from the Academy Duello in Vancouver whack at each other with various pieces of ironmongery.

I do recommend going to conventions, even for introverted writers like myself.  You get information you can use and meet people you can celebrate and whine with.  For example, this convention had editing sessions, pitch your story to a publisher sessions, and how to get an agent panels.

Congratulations to the ever-energetic Sandra Wickham for creating this con and running it so well.

Galen Dara, after a presentation of her artistic process (note: I was not part of the process).


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