The Weirdness of Somebody Drawing Your Thoughts

When I wrote about demons in my YA fantasy novel, City of Demons, I could see them in my mind, but the odd thing is that I couldn’t draw them.  Now, I’m no artist, but I can do basic drawings, but in my mind, the creatures were always moving, never posing long enough for me to capture on the page.  My excellent publisher/editor, Margaret Curelas of Tyche Books, asked many questions about the demons, and I answered as best I could, but I couldn’t send her an image.

Then she started sending me draft illustrations for the book.  Some were definitely not what I had imagined, but others were frighteningly close.  It was very, very odd, seeing my words turned into recognizeable creatures.  I don’t suppose that the images will ever be exactly what I saw in my mind, but maybe that is because they are still moving in there: chasing, hunting, attacking.

Maybe if we made the corners of the pages into a flip book.  No . . . I don’t think Margaret would go for it.

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