NaNoWriMo Update (again)

Up to 28000 words, which is way below my quota.  Somebody scheduled National Novel Writing Month at the same time as the Rob Ford scandal, the Senate scandal part II, and the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.  Not good planning as all these things are more interesting than my novel – or at least more interesting than writing my novel.

If you haven’t seen the Doctor Who anniversary special, please do.  John Hurt is fabulous as a “forgotten” Doctor.  David Tennant, my personal favourite in the role (and I’m old enough to remember all of them!) is wonderful, and even Billie Piper makes an appearance.  Speaking as a writer, it is very satisfying to see characters who are so much themselves, so consistently characterized.

What I loved best about the story is that it preserved the most valuable theme of the series: war is a stupid, no, inconceivable way of solving problems.  Could we make viewing the show a pre-requisite for international negotiations?

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