NaNoWriMo Final Update

I ended up short of the mark for my first attempt at National Novel Writing Month.  At 41,000 words, I was short 9,000 words.  Even if I added (sneakily) the 4,000 words of the short story that distracted me, I would not make the required 50,000 words.  I did, however, learn a few things from the experience.

1. Writing a lot everyday can become a habit, if you support it by arranging your life around that creative time.

2. Outlines and notes help you to produce a lot of words, and counting lots of words can really feed your ego.

3. Writing fast sometimes means writing badly.

I found that last point hard to deal with.  I was spending a lot of time re-writing instead of forging on.  It may be that NaNoWriMo doesn’t suit my writing style, but I think I can take some positive things from the experience.

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