Old Projects, New Projects

I haven’t posted in a while – sorry about that – but I’ve been wrapping up some projects.  And really, just posting that your in the middle of things doesn’t bring anybody closure.  I finally finished a rejection-worthy (or maybe acceptance-worthy) version of Rock, Paper, Scissors, my second YA fantasy novel.  I also completed a wretched draft of Luck, my non-YA science fiction comedy that I started during NaNoWriMo.  That last one will have to marinate for a while, maybe years, before I can work on it again.

On the short story front Wily Writers editor, Angel McCoy, tells me they are publishing my horror story, The Talking Box, on their website in July.  I hope readers enjoy it, or are at least satisfactorily repelled by the horrible events of the tale.

All new projects revolve around the sequels for City of Demons.  I have three more books floating around in my head (with some of that down on paper), so I am trying to flesh out the world of Shirath and surrounding demon-infested real estate before I get tripped up on details.  Turns out that the city is bigger than I thought, maybe around 250,000 people, but I have to check my math.

Aside from that, I am desperately awaiting the English version of Haruki Murakami’s new novel.  A garden chair, a shady tree, a cup of Assam tea, and two hundred pages of incredibly complex themes and ambiguous prose.  Ahh, summer.

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