City of Demon News is Coming

There will be a City of Demons announcement in a few days, but to hold you until then I present the following:

file: Some of the Wards of Shirath

This is a crude map of wards 5, 6, and 7 in the city of Shirath.  The green shapes are buildings, the red ones are warehouses and workshops, and the yellowish-orange parts are stockyards and barns.

Yes, I have been working on the sequel, a book with no current title, though I am leaning towards “City of Masks.”  After weeks of pacing back and forth and muttering things like, “Of course, the guardhouses would be there,” and, “No, no, I already wrote in the first book that the Fourth Ward had three-story courtyard tenements!” I finally settled the geography of the city in my mind.  The history is also coming along, though with six-hundred years to cover, I might skip a decade or two.  As for the story, another hour or two of pacing brought about a plan, and I am currently hammering away at chapter three.

In case you were wondering, Garet and Salick are still an item, but forces rising in the city will test their relationship as Garet chooses between loyalty to the Banehall and belief in his own ideals.

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