First Report from VCON

Well, I didn’t do much today at VCON, but I had fun.  Since I purchased a higher-level membership, I was invited to a lunch with some of the Guests of Honour and the convention’s organizers.  All were charming and welcoming to a stranger in their midst, though the excellent vegetarian dim sum probably put everyone in a good mood.  I had a great conversation with Rick Sternbach and Eric Choi.  Rick did a lot of the design work for the Star Trek franchise from STNG on, and Eric is an editor and author who has worked at NASA and the Canadian Space Agency.  The talk ranged from old movies to the popularity of The Hunger Games among teenage girls.  Amazing time.

After lunch, I went to the hotel and registered, then looked in on the art room and the vendor’s room.  Both looked like they would be an exercise in self control.  Lynn Fahnestalk is back with her whimsical robots made of household and workshop materials. I posted a picture of mine after the last VCON.  It would be helpful if everyone else bought one so I wouldn’t be tempted to get it a friend.

Tomorrow is my first day of panels.  The nerves are starting now.

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