Day One of VCON Panels

Three panels today, all very different.  The first was with Julie McGalliard and Joe Haldeman on killing off characters.  It was fun.  There was a big audience and good questions.  I think we all came down on the side of killing characters only if the story needed it.  Gratuitous assassination was frowned upon.

The second panel was on humour in YA and Middle-Grade fiction.  The other panelists were Danika Dinsmore, Jennifer Ellis, and Jennifer Lott.  The audience was smaller, but seemed interested in a discussion on the differences between age groups and how each appreciated humour.

The third panel was one I had been dreading: The Hugo Awards analysis.  I had been worried that some puppy supporters would make things awkward, but we were preaching to the anti-slate choir in this room.  Co-panelists T.G. Shepherd, Jason Bourget, Dana Korra’ti, and Julie McGalliard all brought up important points about the puppies’ lack of logic.  Dana and I competed for the most over prepared in terms of documents spread out over the desk, but she won.  All in all, it was a big transfer of information but no drama.

Tomorrow’s panels are YA Dystopias and Good Villains.  Report to follow.

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